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An architectural model brings your projects to life

As the premise to an architectural project, the model is the most faithful representation of it and of the architect's intentions. It provides a means of studying it in detail, explaining it and promoting it. Building, urban planning: an architectural model is a replica which presents the whole concept thanks to its small scale and the possible addition of lighting and animation.




Why create an architectural model?

An architectural model is useful for many project developers such as:

  • Architects and architectural agencies; A model is an indispensable design tool and is one of the core elements in the evaluation and presentation of an architectural project. Whether it represents a tower, an apartment or office block, a building or a single house, the model is a small-scale version of the architectural project and offers an immediate and entertaining way of viewing it.
  • Architectural design competitions A background mock-up, a rough model or a complete and complex model... thanks to their rendering and scaling, all of these can be used to showcase your project.
  • Major urban planning projects A model showcases the whole project, from the buildings to the surrounding areas. It helps people understand your project and provides an effective means of conveying its value. These models are often dynamic, with new buildings gradually taking their place in the environment.
  • Property developers: The property development model is designed to provide an at-a-glance overview of the property development project and to win over investors and potential buyers.
  • Commercial projects: The construction of housing, shops, large shopping centres, model of the interior architecture of shops... the commercial architecture model is an invaluable promotional tool which shows the final appearance. It can facilitate changes and simplify presentations. It enables investors to see directly into the future.
  • Renovation projects in museums, libraries, other establishments or public spaces: breathing new life into a place or building without betraying its architectural integrity is one of the benefits of architectural rehabilitation. Thanks to the model, this new life can be viewed from every perspective before the work begins.
  • Land-use planning: urban planning models allow politicians, investors and local residents to appreciate the full scope of the project and the issues involved, and to consider the future environment in which it is set.

New-tone's expertise: a combination of tradition and innovation



Wood, plexiglas, metal... The architectural models created in our workshop in Paris are available in different sizes and materials, depending on your needs. Handmade with meticulous attention to detail, they are of impeccable quality. Project leaders and investors implement plans in the tiniest nooks and crannies.


A new-tone model is your guarantee of added value.

With know-how acquired over more than 30,000 projects, new-tone boasts expertise which combines traditional production techniques with the latest and most innovative tools. Laser cutting, vacuum casting, 3D printers, animated models, digital milling machines, chrome plating, etc.


All these techniques are used to ensure a top-quality product. The model will be an invaluable asset for your project.


new-tone: the architectural model experts

Primarily handcrafted products...

Since its foundation in 1975, new-tone, a proud holder of the Patrimoine Vivant label, has produced architectural models for events such as the "Le temps des gares" exhibition which marked the opening of the Pompidou Centre in Paris. Our Paris-based architectural model workshop offers proven know-how to help you promote your work.


Our 25 artisans, modelmakers and colourists bring your designs to life with top quality work and meticulous creations. new-tone's expertise combines quality craftsmanship and total compliance with the specification and deadlines.

...Which is constantly being adapted in line with technical developments

We are constantly adapting our production methods to improve the quality of our models and the services we offer to our clients. We have, therefore, invested in a constantly evolving machinery pool. And that makes us the trailblazer in lit and animated models.


new-tone can already offer you interactive solutions which will allow to communicate with your model (lighting in certain areas, related commentaries on your tablet, animations projected onto the model, etc.). We are also working on solutions involving virtual reality, augmented reality and holograms.





new-tone: your choice for Excellence

  • Individual attention and creative and reliable advice on your best options in terms of techniques and materials
  • Time-honoured and pioneering know-how
  • Beautiful, top-quality work you can trust
  • Meeting deadlines a priority
  • Constant search for innovative solutions to meet all your needs

Thanks to our internationally recognised work and our reputation for excellence, we can provide advice and expertise around the world. Every day, we work with architects, architectural firms and design studios in Paris, Lyon, Nice, Nantes, Toulouse, Marseille, Lille, Rennes, Nancy, Brussels, Geneva, etc.

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