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Colour & decoration

new-tone's painters are in direct contact with our customers. They know how to find you exactly the right colours and textures, and reproduce additional elements such as chroming, coloured or shaded effects, the application of pearl or sequined finishes, etc.

Following a colour research session at our workshop, after a few short hours' of work our customers are able to obtain a range of suggested colours and/or finishes suitable for all types of media.

This solution, which is most often finalised in a day, lets you guide our painter towards identifying the solution that best suits your brand's needs, while also enabling any technical issues to be identified.

Since 2014, new-tone has been equipped with an environmentally-friendly chrome spraying system and employs in-house, professional colourists.

" Thanks for your work this morning, particularly your advice. I just got the colour tests: they're great. I'll show them to my boss tomorrow, I think he'll like them. "



Our model, prototype & packaging creation agency is based in Paris (France). Our research department finds the material and the colour to enhance and render each luxury item unique, whether it be from the cosmetics, perfumes, wines & champagnes, jewellery, watches and clocks, or automotive industry, etc.

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