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Colours & decoration

Selection of colours and finishes, tints

For both architectural models and prototypes for the Luxury sector (or other sectors), colouring is crucial.


Thanks to a colour selection session in our workshop, we can offer you - usually within one day - a range of suggestions for colours and/or finishes for all types of mediums. You can consult our painters and together identify the colour solution that best suits your brand's needs, which speeds up the creative process considerably.


The range of possibilities is almost endless: spray or brush painting; transparent, translucent or opaque colours; soft-touch, matt, satin or gloss varnish; metal coating; decoration with mother-of-pearl and sequins.

" Thank you for all your work this morning, and especially for your advice. I've just received the colour tests: they're super. I'll show them to my boss tomorrow, I think he'll like them. "

Décors capots flacon

Creation of decorations on perfume caps

Mass-dyed resin, trompe l'oeil effect, hammering, etc.

Chromage au pistolet

Chrome plating on a glass bottle

Spray chrome plating on a glass bottle.
Here the chrome plating is plain and opaque, but it can also be gradated and semi-transparent and applied to all kinds of mediums

Nina Ricci

Selection of colours and gradated tints



Selection of colours, gradated tints and application of decorations on Caudalie's face mask range.


Our colourists are skilled in finding tints, shades, textures and additional effects (coloured or gradated chrome plating, application of mother-of-pearl or sequins, etc.) to make every luxury object, cosmetic item, perfume, wine or champagne, item of jewellery or watch totally unique.


new-tone possesses an environmentally friendly spray chrome system.



"We can't express the subtleties of our clients' projects with the existing colour charts. I interpret and give concrete expression to their ideas with regard to colour. I suggest the tints and finishes that I think most suitable".
Benoît, Colourist
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