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The workshop

Our workshop is situated at the heart of Paris

We welcome clients who wish to be directly involved in the creation of the project.


Fine workmanship, state-of-the-art machinery and productivity. new-tone's way of working is all about the combination of traditional craftsmanship and an industrial approach. From the Workshop to the Production Area.


Our workshops combine the very latest production techniques (3D printing, digital machining, laser cutting, spray chrome plating) with the manual know-how of highly qualified artisans.


Their magic touch and creative talents endow everything created in our workshop with an extra special quality, a subtle reflection of the project creator's intentions.


Thanks to the expertise we have acquired over 45 years working with the most demanding brands, designers and architects on the most complex of models, we are able to offer our clients advice on both aesthetic and technical matters.


" Obviously, we owe our clients uncompromising quality. Our 35 years' experience and our position as market leader mean that we can also advise them on the best aesthetic and technical options "
Eric Fiessinger


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