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new-tone's range of solutions is expanding

We are incorporating digital technology into our physical models

X by new-tone combines a physical model with digital solutions. This deliberate hybridisation is a powerful source of innovation which enables us to provide the best solutions for every project.

Création de Yoann Vermeulen - Motion designer


X by new-tone explores the area of hybrid ranges - combining physical and digital elements, as well as for architectural models, bottle prototypes and other luxury products. We are constantly finding ideas and technical solutions for our clients, which means that we, along with our teams and digital experts, can offer them new mediums.


We are developing new visualisation and validation solutions for your projects. The physical model becomes a hybrid visual aid for your project.

  • It interacts with a tablet or smartphone which provides a commentary about the project and displays digital animations, perspectives, etc.
  • It is presented in a particular environment (augmented reality)
  • Several particular sections, which are easily identifiable, are animated and lit
  • It serves as a visual aid to accompany the screening of video animations or images

Our creativity knows no bounds.

MIPIM trade show2019 - the physical model is animated and accompanied by a commentary accessed via the touchscreen on its base.

Due to the force of magnetism, the physical model appears to be "flying", hovering above its base.

Architectural Model of the French pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai

Do you want to incorporate digital technology into your models?
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