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Architectural models

Creation of architectural models for competitions or promotions

Our architectural models represent design, decision-making, and communications tools, therefore the lighting, surface treatment, and materials used must make sure they sway decisions, win competitions, and inspire people.

This objective guides new-tone's model makers as they work on each model, whether it be for real-estate projects, town planning, buildings, interior design or relief maps

With a wide range of scales and most often made from wood and Plexiglas, sometimes metal, our models can reach sizes of several dozen square meters, and also include lighting and/or animation.

" new-tone's telescopic model was a formidable promotional tool for my centre. It allowed us to really delve into all the spaces that we were promoting "

new-tone - Amsterdam model - Length 0.43 mn

new-tone - Raspail - Length 1.42 mn

new-tone - Telescopic model - Length 0.43 mn

Our agency and our architectural model making workshop are based in Paris (France) and feature more than 25 professional model makers

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