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Architectural models

Creation of models for architecture, urban planning, competitions and promotional purposes

With their lighting effects, treated surfaces and the materials used, our architectural models - which serve as design, decision-making, communication and sales tools - have to sway decisions, win competitions and excite the imagination.


Produced in a variety of scales and generally made of wood and plexiglas, and sometimes of metal, they can measure up to several dozen, or even hundreds, of square metres.


Our models are often lit and mechanised.


The combination of the immediately understandable physical model with digital components (perspectives, immersive views, customisation tools, etc.) supplied by our clients, or developed with our partners, guarantees a spectacular promotional tool.

Bac Raspail Complex



1:125 telescopic model

" new-tone's telescopic model has been a fantastic promotional tool for my centre. It really enables us to step inside all the spaces we are selling"

hôtel Vista à Rocquebrune Cap Martin

Hôtel Vista, Rocquebrune Cap Martin


Architect : Wilmotte & Associés


1:200 model

Universal Exhibition 2020, Dubaï

Architectural model of the French pavilion

Architect : Atelier du Prado et CGA

1:100 model


EBIOS Module

Creation of models for the EBIOS project




1:100 model

Tour Phare

Tour Phare, La Défense

Creation of the model for the Tour Phare in Paris's La Défense quarter


Architect:Thom MAYNE


1:333 model

La Défense

La Défense

Model of the La Défense quarter and the adjacent Seine-Arche development


1:1000 scalable model

Fondation Vuitton

Fondation Louis Vuitton

Architect:Franck GEHRY


1:100 lit model


Tour Triangle

Work on the model for the project


Architect:HERZOG and DE MEURON


1:200 model

Halle Freycinet, Paris

Halle Freyssinet

Model for the Halle Freyssinet,
a start-up incubator developed by the City of Paris
(Xavier NIEL - Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations)


Architect:Jean-Michel WILMOTTE


1:500 model

Meticulous workmanship

" An amazing standard of workmanship!!" Thank you!! "


Our agency and architectural model design workshop are based in Paris in France and employ more than 25 professional modelmakers.


Conscious of the importance of communication between the creator and their idea, on the one hand, and the modelmaker and their hands, on the other, we invite architects and developers to visit us in our workshops.



"Our artisans have just one goal: to ensure that every model they make faithfully reflects their clients’ intentions, whether architects/project managers or property developers. All trained architects, we understand our clients' technical and aesthetic expectations, so we are well able to give substance to their ideas and showcase them.".
Sabhi, Architecture Department
 contact sahbi at the architecture workshop