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The company

Founded 50 years ago, new-tone creates scale models for Architecture, cosmetic, Advertising and Design.

new-tone may be seen as one of the pioneers in the sector, as it has played a large part in shaping the profession as we know it in France today. The workshop's reputation, its large staff and the quality of the artisans mean that we can create the kinds of models that many of our competitors would not take on due to their complexity and/or the tight deadlines involved. Consequently, new-tone offers recognised expertise, making it one of the leading players in the sector.

Turnover 2021 : 3.707 K€

Number of employees: 25 - including 19 modelmakers and 3 painters

new-tone specialises in the creation of "scale" models and prototypes made predominantly from the following materials:

  • Metacryclates ("Plexiglas"),
  • Resins (Polyurethane, Epoxy, elastomers, etc.),
  • Wood,
  • Metal (brass, aluminium, etc.),
  • Cardboard, etc.

These models are usually unique, or sometimes limited editions (trophies, product and packaging models for consumer tests or pre-launches, etc.). Our models are designed, first and foremost, to serve as tools to facilitate decision-making and aesthetic validation and marketing.

We serve 3 main types of clients, creating models for them in 3 dedicated departments:

  • Models for Architecture, for Architectural agencies and property developers;
  • Prototypes and models for Design agencies and for the luxury industry, particularly the cosmetics sector with the creation of prototypes for bottles and packaging for presentation boxes:
  • Modelmaking for Advertising.

What clients come to new-tone for is impeccable quality, advice on the best aesthetic or technical options, and exceptional responsiveness to enable them to meet increasingly tight deadlines.

The company has acquired all the artisanal skills and equipment required for sculpture, painting and the production of technical products and brought them together on one site.

Its central location in Paris makes for easy communication with our clients during the production process (adjustments to colours, validation of materials, etc.) and enables us to source many different components (diamantes, leather, fabric, ribbons, craft paper, etc.).



What we do: We create architectural models, mainly from plexiglas and wood, which may be lit and/or animated. 70% of the Architecture department's work involves foreign projects and 30% comes from France./p>

What makes us special

  • Impeccable production quality.
  • Extensive expertise, which allows us to provide the client with reliable advice on the best techniques and materials to use to showcase their project.
  • The ability to mobilise a large and highly qualified team.


More than 150 projects a year.

Structure: 7 modelmakers

Clients: as new-tone is positioned at the high end of the market, it works on prestigious projects with major international companies, architects and property developers: Nouvel, Wilmotte, Architecture Studio, Pei, Gehry, MacFarlane, Rougerie, etc.



What we do: Modelmaking and special effects for advertising, made from resin, plexiglas and other materials.

What makes us special

This obviously involves the market, where the ability to identify innovative solutions is paramount. Thanks to the experience of our artisans, we can communicate effectively with creative agencies and photographers.

  • Work of the highest standard, that meets all our clients' expectations.
  • Exhaustive discussion with the client with regard to the best techniques and materials to use.
  • Extensive expertise in the use of resins and printing options


More than 30 projects a year.

Structure: modelmakers from the Cosmetics team

Clients: Advertising and photographic agencies, Publicis, TBWA, CLM-BBDO, BDDP, etc.


Beauty & Cosmetics

What we do: Prototypes or small batches, particularly for perfume and cosmetics bottles. More generally, prototypes for packaging or promotional or corporate products for other industries. 30% of new-tone's revenue comes from foreign clients.

What makes us special

  • Extensive expertise in processing transparent materials (transparent glass or plastic bottles).
  • Considerable experience of projects of all kinds, which enables us to help our clients to validate their designs.
  • Highly experienced artisans who keep alive a strong tradition of manual expertise.
  • Impeccable workmanship.
  • Exceptional responsiveness.

Beauty & Cosmetics

More than 800 projects a year.

Structure: 13 modelmakers

Clients: Creative agencies and manufacturers, LVMH group, Puig group, Ferragamo, Bulgari, Burberry, Caudalie, Coty-Lancaster, L'Oréal Luxury goods, Cartier, Pernod Ricard, etc.


Painting and Packaging

What we do:Help you select colours and applications for all mediums. Metal coating. Printing, debossing or possibly gilding, decoration and assembly of packaging and presentation boxes. This work is done either after the models have been created by the other departments or on specific projects, using pieces provided by clients.

What makes us special

  • Expertise in selecting colours and applications.
  • A location in Paris where we can work with clients to adjust colours.
  • Assistance from the other departments with pieces and textures.

Painting and Packaging

More than 200 projects a year.

Structure: 2 colourists and 2 modelmakers

Clients:Creative agencies and manufacturers, Cristal d’Arques, Dior jewellery, Tefal group, etc.