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The company

Created 25 years ago, in 1975, new-tone makes 3D models for Architecture, Advertising, and Design.

new-tone can be considered one of the frontrunners of the industry, and has significantly contributed to shaping the sector in France to make it what it is today. The workshop's experience, its sizeable workforce and the quality of its craftsmen and women mean we are able to construct models that many of our competitors can't accept due to the level of complexity and/or tight deadlines. As a result, new-tone enjoys a strong level of professional recognition, making it one of the industry leaders.

2015 sales: €4,760k

Number of staff: 28 - including 22 model makers and 2 painters

new-tone is specialised in making 3D models and prototypes, built in particular from the following materials:

  • Methacrylate ("Plexiglas")
  • Resin (Polyurethane, Epoxy, elastomers, etc.),
  • Wood,
  • Metal (brass, aluminium, etc.),
  • Cardboard, etc.

These models are most often unique, sometimes limited edition (trophies, product and packaging models for consumer tests or pre-launches, etc.). Above all, we design our models as tools which help with decision-making and also design and marketing approval

These models are made for 3 major customer groups, and are organised into 3 departments within the company:

  • Models for Architecture, for Architectural agencies, and real-estate developers;
  • Prototypes and models for Design agencies and the Luxury Goods Industry, in particular for the cosmetics industry with the creation of bottle prototypes and presentation box packaging;
  • Model making for Advertising.

What customers want from new-tone is irreproachable quality, the possibility of advice on the best design or technical options and a responsiveness that is second-to-none, so as to meet ever tighter deadlines

The company has acquired and brought together the necessary craft, skills and equipment in terms of sculpture, painting, and creation of technical products on one site.

Its location in the centre of Paris facilitates exchanges with our customers in the course of the creative process (colour calibration, approval of materials, etc.) and allows us to source many items (Strass, leather, fabric, ribbons, designer paper, etc.).


Activity: Creation of architectural models, mainly made from Plexiglas and wood, with optional illumination and/or animation. The Architecture department generates 70% of its sales from foreign projects and 30% from France.


  • Top-quality work.
  • Extensive expertise, which allows genuine exchanges with customers regarding the best techniques and materials to be used to enhance their project.
  • The ability to mobilise a large and highly-qualified team.


More than 150 projects each year.

Structure: 7 model makers

References : new-tone is positioned within the high-end, premium quality sector, which entails working on prestigious projects, with first-class references, internationally-renowned architects and promoters: Nouvel, Wilmotte, Architecture Studio, Pei, Gerhy, Mac Farlane, Rougerie, etc


Activity: Model-making and special effects for advertising, made from resin, Plexiglas, or other materials.


This is undoubtedly the market in which the ability to identify innovative solutions is the most important. The experience of our craftsmen and women enables genuine exchanges to take place with creative agencies and photographers.

  • High standards set for the finished product, highly attentive to your needs.
  • Genuine exchanges with customers regarding the best techniques and materials to be used.
  • High proficiency in the use of resins and printing options.


More than 30 projects each year.

Structure: Cosmetics team model makers

References : Advertising and photographic agencies, Publicis, TBWA, CLM-BBDO, BDDP, etc.


Beauty & Cosmetics

Activity: Prototypes or job lots, particularly bottles for perfumes and cosmetics. More generally, prototypes for packaging or advertising or corporate items for other industries. new-tone generates 30% of its sales working with foreign customers.


  • Significant expertise in working with transparent materials (transparent glass or plastic bottles).
  • Extensive experience on projects of all sorts, enabling collaboration with our clients to approve their creations.
  • Experienced craftsmen and women, who have preserved wide-ranging manual expertise.
  • Impeccable finishing.
  • The ability to react very fast.

Beauty & Cosmetics

More than 800 projects each year.

Structure: 13 model makers

Reference : Creative agencies and manufacturers, LVMH Group, Puig Group, Ferragamo, Bulgari, Burberry, Caudalie, Coty-Lancaster, L'Oréal Luxe, Cartier, Pernod Ricard, etc.


Painting and Packaging

Activity Colour research and applications on all types of media. Metallisation. Printing, embossing or gold tooling, decoration and shaping of packaging and presentation boxes. This activity can be extended either at a later stage to models made by other sectors, or to specific projects, based on products supplied by customers.


  • Colour research and application expertise.
  • Paris-based offices enabling the calibration of colours in collaboration with customers.
  • Support from other departments for the handling of shapes and textures.

Painting and Packaging

More than 200 projects each year.

Structure: 2 colourists and 2 model makers

Reference : Creative agencies and manufacturers, Cristal d'Arques, Dior jewellery, Tefal Group, etc.