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Prototypes for Cosmetics


Since its founding, new-tone has specialised in the Luxury Goods industry, which accounts for 90% of its prototypes & bottles, colour propositions and packaging business

3D printing, hollow or solid models: new-tone produces prototypes or small production runs for the biggest cosmetics brands, design and advertising agencies: models of perfume bottles (for approving both the design and functionality, for shoots, pre-launches, etc.), make-up accessories, mock-ups, unique items, replicas, trophies, tombstones, giant replicas

Our models are indispensable tools when it comes to approving a new design and maximising your chances of sales, as they faithfully reflect the creative vision of Luxury Goods manufacturers or agencies.

With 30 years' expertise in this industry, our sensitivity and expertise help you with the creative process: 3D files, advice on feasibility, 3D translation of artistic creations.

new-tone has developed and patented an exclusive process to create hollow models with no visible parting line.

" The model bottle arrived just in time for my presentation. It's superb: it's sure to be a big hit. Thank you for your being so quick to react "

Perfectly-decorated, unique items, strictly-met deadlines.


Our agency and our prototype creation workshop for perfumes/cosmetics, based in Paris (France), handles custom orders. Creation of perfume bottle prototypes to approve designs before they are sent to the manufacturer for industrial, cosmetic or hand-crafted bottles; or to design and produce giant perfume bottles for advertising.

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