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Prototypes for the cosmetics industry

Design and creation of models for bottles and make-up products

Since 1975, new-tone has specialised in the creation of models and prototypes for, among others, the cosmetics, perfumery, wine and champagne, jewellery and watchmaking sectors: models for perfume bottles, make-up accessories, unique objects, trophies and giant dummy objects.


This expertise serves as a significant project accelerator. In sectors where product launches have to be held within very strict time constraints, our models are invaluable tools which provide an instant view of a creation... and we create them in record time.


new-tone can also assist you in creating and adapting your specifications.

Lancôme La Rose

Coated with dew on the morning it is digitally machined

Flacon de parfum Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Perfume bottles

Vuitton perfume range designed by Marc Newson - Hollow models in one piece

Guaranteed scratch-free

The strictest standards for perfect transparency

" The model of the bottle arrived just in time for my presentation. It's beautiful: It’s going to be brilliant. Thank you for responding so quickly "

Boutique Kenzo

Kenzo store

Store design for KENZO perfumes


1:20 interior architecture model

Spotlight on resin

Identifying the slightest defect
in our seamless bottles

Parfum Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo

Model for a 50ml bottle

Always moving forward

Launch of 3D machining on our digital milling machine



A crucial asset when it comes to validating a new design and optimising your chances of selling it, our models faithfully convey luxury brands' and agencies' creative intentions.


Unique pieces, perfectly crafted and delivered to strict deadlines - we know how vital they are to your success.



"Every model is a whole new adventure. It requires a thorough understanding of the brief and the use of the most appropriate techniques - both digital and manual - in the shortest possible time. Sculpture, resin casting, laser engraving, modelling, digital machining, 3D printing, etc... our range of techniques, both traditional and modern, is extensive. new-tone knows from past experience that the manual work of its modelmakers, their individual rigour and the quality of their workmanship never fails to enhance its clients' projects".
Eric, Cosmetics and Luxury Goods Department
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