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Models for cases and presentation boxes

Creation of models for secondary packaging

Creation of prototypes for packaging (cases, particularly for perfume bottles, caskets, boxes, presentation boxes, etc.) for the luxury sectors: cosmetics, perfumery, wines and champagne, jewellery, watches...


Most of these prototypes are produced on standard or craft paper, but any other material may be used. We decorate them with transfers, silkscreen printing, debossing, gilding and/or embossing. We also work with leather and fabric.

Tambour parfum Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Presentation boxes and cases for Louis Vuitton Perfumes

Our artisans' hands,
precision instruments

Cut-out of a facing with printing and debossing

" Can you make me some facings as shown in my attached request? I'd like to be able to validate your designs by the end of the morning and have 3-4 facings for tomorrow lunchtime... "

" We didn't expect a product of such quality. We're delighted and grateful that we can work with you because the products are always there when we need them. Thanks again for your incredible work. I'm looking forward to continuing this project with you."
- Céline, International Product Manager -

Roger et Gallet étui

Roger & Gallet range

Selection of colours and creation of cases for the new Roger & Gallet range

Parfum Signorina Ferragamo

Ferragamo Signorina bottle

Salvatore Ferragamo

Models for the bottle and case, with embossing

Gilded new-tone logo

Etui champagen Moet et Chandon

Moët et Chandon

Cardboard sleeve for bottle of Moët & Chandon Rosé champagne


new-tone is also here to assist you in creating and/or adapting your specifications and advise you on your choice of materials and colours.


What makes new-tone special: The fact that we create primary and secondary models in the same workshop makes for a high level of consistency between models for bottles and for their cases.



"Creating decoration specifications, identifying the very best materials and the most suitable printing method, decorating pieces, constructing cases and presentation boxes, with debossing or gilding: my job is very wide-ranging".
Robert, Packaging Department
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