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The Team

new-tone has chosen to train a team of full-time, in-house staff

This dedicated organisation allows us to continuously consolidate our expertise and guarantees that you will be working with serious professionals, fluent in the culture of your sector, your company, and your brands. It's also the guarantee of even greater confidentiality.

Our 25 model makers, skilled craftsmen and women who are passionately involved in what they do, have the visual intelligence, the sensitivity, and the particular ability that together form the foundations of our excellent reputation.

new-tone was founded 35 years ago and has produced more than 30,000 models: it has extensive experience in its industry. In addition to irreproachable quality, we owe it to our customers to provide them with the type of advice that this expertise allows us to offer.

Eric, Chairman

Each project is a new adventure, for which we must fully understand the brief and employ the most adept of techniques – both numerical and manual - in order to meet even the tightest deadlines.

Eric, Cosmetics & Luxury Goods Department

Our craftsmen and women have just one obsession: ensuring each project faithfully reflects its creator's vision. Our model makers are in constant contact with customers and also rely on the collective expertise of all the members of their team.

Gilles, Architecture Department

Existing colour charts are too limited and are often not sufficient enough to express the subtleties of our clients' projects. I interpret and bring their kaleidoscope of colour ideas to life before their very eyes.

Benoît, Colourist

Creating or adapting decorative files, identifying appropriate materials, decorating 3D products, designing slip cases and presentation boxes, using embossing techniques or gold tooling: my job requires a wide range of skills. Collaboration with the Bottle and Prototypes workshop is essential: it means we can create all types of presentation boxes, using a wide range of materials, and guarantee customers that their projects are highly coherent.

Rachel, Packaging Department

The whole team


Our architectural training means we speak the same language as our customers and that we understand their technical and design expectations, in order to bring their projects to life.

Architecture Project Manager

Sculpture, resin casting, laser engraving, CNC, etc., our business lines are very wide-ranging. Based on our experience, new-tone is aware that the manual work of our model makers, their demanding high standards and fine finishing work always enhance our clients' projects.

Bottle and Prototype model maker

Starting with a 3D file, which we sometimes create based on just a sketch, we slowly carve out the shape from a Plexiglas, wood or metal block. Our experience as traditional model makers means we aren't just operators but that we understand the complexity of the shapes that the machines help us to create.

Digital model maker


"It's my responsibility as the company's manager to take the economic risk and hire staff on permanent contracts, instead of using temporary of casual staff, which would be the most logical choice given the high variability of our business. This also guarantees a greater level of confidentiality for our customers' projects"
Eric Fiessinger, Chairman